My love for life was so bad that I now know what a person with injuries or sickness goes through. You might ask where is Joe going with this. Well, I’m going right to the heart. I was so angry at the doctors, but the worst thing for me was I questioned my Lord.  What a stupid move on my part. First of all God allowed me to live when I went down with my heart attack. I’m not going to lie, right after my heart attack I went into depression.  I would sit and feel sorry for myself.  I felt lost and scared.  I had never been sick before this.  After my heart attack I had ten surgeries in my right groin to keep the artery open to my heart.  That right there is a lot of pain to go through.  Then I was told my artery was full of scar tissue. That’s why I had so much pain in my groin. The bottom line was I needed help.  It took my depression to get me back to the Lord.

When my heart started getting strong I decided to train for a marathon to show myself that with determination I could do it.  I finished in four hours.  I wasn’t satisfied with the time but I did finish.  I walked for thirty minutes on the route because I was scared I would have another heart attack.  I was still getting sick with my heart so it was so hard to put the miles in.

I was training for another marathon and started to have tremendous pain in my inner right thigh and bad pain in my lower back.  I did run the marathon but I finished with a bad time and my hip was in so much pain. I continued training but the hip got worse. The doctors said it was from all the surgeries in my groin. I suffered and could hardly walk. I went to the doctor and found out my hip was bone on bone.  Boy, there were no pain pills that helped when it became inflamed.  Wow, I could hardly stand.  I would use anything to hold myself up the pain was that bad.  I was now talking to the Lord more strongly. My prayers were more to the point.

I knew I was in deep trouble mentally and physical. The surgery was tough on me and it didn’t go well.  I had internal bleeding and I went through tremendous pain.  I thought the pain would never leave, that’s how much pain I went through after my surgery. It’s been a war but I’m finally on the right track. Please don’t take me wrong. We need doctors.  I just had some bad luck with them. Hey they do a great job and have so much stress. The bottom line is they are not you and they don’t know what a person’s body is going through. All you can do is tell the doctor how much pain you are in.  To my readers, I’m doing great but I could still fall on my face. That’s why I don’t take anything for granted.  I’m only running three miles a day.  I will try to up it in October.

Friday I had a good run and I ran stairs for the first time since my hip surgery. I did some sprinting today.  I was scared I was not going to be able to walk on Saturday.  I only had minor pain. I was so happy. I only worked out on the crunch machine.

Saturday I decided not to run but hit my gym instead.  I had an awesome workout. My body was pretty tired when I finished all the machines. I’m so lucky that I get another chance to get this body in great shape.

Sunday no run again.  I decided to play it smart, my gym is awesome. I love getting my butt downstairs and hitting the machines. Turning up the music and sweating to the beat. Hey this sounds like more fun than running, ha ha. I had a very good workout today. I added a few more exercises into my program. Great workout!

Monday I had that high to get out and run. I started out easy than about a mile into my run I stopped and ran some stairs for about five minutes. I got tired.  I still had to finish my run, my legs felt a little rubbery but I finished. I did my push-ups and felt pretty good. That night I worked out on the machines. Very good Monday!

Tuesday I started out with some pain, I think it came from running the stairs the day before. It’s going to take some time and I’m in no hurry.  I’ll just relax and run my three miles. I will stay at three miles until I get my wind and my hip gets stronger.  I must have patience or I will hurt myself.  For the second part of my workout I went an hour on the universal gym, it felt awesome!

Wednesday I was back on the running course.  What a morning.  It was raining hard and the wind was blowing, makes for a tough run.  But I finished and went right home. I went thirty minutes on the exercise bike than to the crunch machine. I’ve been adding more new exercises into my program.

Thursday I was feeling sick, so yes I decided not to run today.  That was a smart move on my part. I went on the exercise bike for ninety minutes, then did my push-ups. Afterwards I took a short break.  After the break, I started on the crunch machine, did the medicine ball, then jumped on the universal gym for ninety minutes working all my muscle groups.  That was one good workout and not bad on the pain.

I felt I had a good week of working out. Love it

I say a special prayer for all the sick asking God to heal the sick. Thank you Lord!!!



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