I’m so happy that it’s even hard to write my blog. The pain has left me.  I can get in and out of the car, walk my dog, go to the stores, go out to eat and guess what NO PAIN. What an awesome feeling.  As I’ve said before, I’m just a regular person who ran into medical problems that I had to over come.  I did it and I’m pretty happy with myself.  It’s true, when you’re hurting, it’s so hard to be happy. I’m always thinking on how I’m going to beat this pain.  The first step was to put God into my life, that was number one!

It was up to me to get myself back in physical shape and yet knowing I’d be in pain. YES. I think I’m a little crazy.  But,I refused to let all my pain beat me.  I’ve been through some awesome battles with my pain.  Some days the pain won, other day’s I won.  I can laugh now, but it wasn’t funny then.  It’s easy to be funny when your body is running on all cylinders.  I think to myself, is this just a time out.  If I’m walking or running and the pain comes back how am I going to handle it.  I don’t take anything for granted. When I go on my weight bench I have to lift my leg over the bench.  Before my hip surgery I couldn’t lift my leg over the bench and now it’s not a problem. I felt like I was never in pain.

Thank you God from the bottom of my heart.  You touch my life in so many wonderful ways.  I have my hand on my heart my Lord. I had no faith back then but look at me now. I’m so happy things worked out for me.  I realize now I need to be smart when it comes to training and the pain can come back at anytime.  I know that one day you can be on top of  the mountain and the next day flat on your face.  I just need to be patient and keep the faith.

My friends, you should have seen me when I had all my pain.  I had tears in my eyes, the pain was so fierce.  I’d keep telling myself you’re getting better.  Then I’d ask myself why do I hurt so bad, why can’t I walk, why do I stay awake all night, why do I have so much angina.  I was in a different world back then living with bad pain. I can honestly tell you I never thought I would win this battle. I prayed hard to God asking for help! If he could help me get through the pain then  I could do all the physical work.  It don’t bother me to work up a sweat. while working out.

To all those in pain it’s up to you how you deal with it.   While you are still healthy, you can get in shape.  Have a goal, set your pace and please don’t quit.  It’s hard to start over again if you quit. Find a good friend, someone who knows what you’re going through. I don’t mean someone who will feel sorry for you, but someone who can you get over the hump of pain.  If I can get through all my health issues, imagine what you can do, my friend!!

I decided to work on my sports room.  In the beginning I was scared that bending over or going up and down the stairs would cause me to ice my pain. Good news everyone! NO PAIN.  I was able to finish my project feeling awesome.  A special thank you to all the nice friends who say nice thing about me.  It’s good to know there are great people out there, who we don’t even know.  I’m slowly running, not as far as I’d like to go, but at least I’m out there.  I’ve received many e-mail asking me to continue my blog as it’s helping other people .  And so, I’ll continue my blog.

Friday I rode my exercise bike for ninety  minutes, then I worked the hips for about thirty minutes.   I even tried some new exercises at the end of my program.  What a good way to end the day.

Saturday I started on the elliptical machine.  My legs were tired, but what a good exercise. Then I went on the crunch machine and finished with those loveable push-ups.

Monday I ran some small hills, my hips felt a little sore.  Then I climb some stairs, that woke up my lower body.  That night I went on the universal gym for an hour and then finished with the medicine ball.  I was very happy with my workout.

Tuesday, no run today.  Instead I went on the exercise bike for ninety minutes, then to the crunch machine, finishing my routine with some stair climbing.  Except for a little minor pain, I felt great.  I’m so lucky.

Wednesday I went all out and did some speed training.  I ran up this one special hill that I came across on my run.  When I reached the top I trotted down.  I did this for 20 minutes. Then I finished my run.  I was exhausted, that takes a lot out of a person.  That evening I hit my gym, went on the crunch machine, rode the exercise bike and then did some push-ups.   Afterwards, I iced my hips.

Thursday, I took a nice run so I could see some of my friends.  Later at home, I worked on the universal gym, did a light workout on the crunch machine, then finished on the eliptical.  What a great workout.  After my workout I send some e-mails to my friends. Thank you God!

To all the sick people and those in pain I get down on my knees and pray that the Lord heals you! I will never stop praying for you. My heart goes out to you.  So please hang in their everyone, God will come through for us.  He knows when we’re in pain.



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  1. Mirna Morgan says:

    One day..”.Pain” will be just one word…that you’ll not need search in a dictionary the real meaning of that….Because “this word” just dwell on you…for so long…taught you so much…That is finally past….and go search for another words…

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