My blog has taught me so much about myself.  I had to fight my way back to feeling normal.  It was a tough time, but hey, life is tough.  We don’t know from one day to the next what’s in store for us.  I’m happy that I made it through.  On one of my recent runs I was laughing to myself and thinking what if I would have quit back then.  I said to myself what if I hadn’t put in all that hard work, would I have been okay.  Injures can teach us so much about ourself.  What a great wake up call when you have a new friend (pain) that becomes part of your daily life, the one friend you could easily do without.

I set some tough goals for myself to show that anything is possible. I put a lot of pressure on myself trying to get back that awesome feeling I once had, which only added to my injuries. My fault for being ignorant.  I’m more flexible now that my body’s healthy, it’s a great feeling.  I’m not sure why I had to go down that road, but it has shown me never take anything for granted.  It helped me get back to GOD!  I still have a long road ahead I just have to remember that it’s not always easy but it can be done.

I still have problems lifting my legs while running.  I feel like I’m dragging my new hip, my right shoe shows it.  I’ll have to work harder on that.  I feel blessed to get a second chance at being able to  run, which I love to do, and to have a normal life.  I still can’t run with the best of them, but I figure by spring I should be right with them.  When I’m done running I always get down on one knee and say a prayer.  When people I know drive by (I’m not far from the street) and they see me bent over (I’m praying) they stop and ask if I’m okay.  I feel a little weird when that happens.

Friday I took a nice run, then worked out on the universal gym for ninety minutes. I was pleased with my workout!

Saturday I ran hills and steps, what a workout. I then spent one hour on the exercise bike. This is what I mean when I say I’m on the right track.

Sunday I went on the elliptical machine, then the crunch machine. After that I went to the floor and jammed on push-ups.  This body was tired.

Monday I took a nice run but I was slow, not up to my standards.  After finishing I did my push-ups.  That night I rode the exercise bike and did a light workout.

Tuesday I had a good run.  I was stiff during my run, my body wouldn’t loosen up.  I threw in some speed running being careful not to pull any muscles.  That evening I worked all my muscle groups, it was a nice workout.

Wednesday was good.  I ran steps and hills and did a lot of different exercises at the lake. I worked out thirty minutes on the crunch machine and forty-five minutes on the exercise bike.  It was a good workout.

Thursday no run. I decided to play in my gym. I rode the exercise bike, did the universal gym and went on the crunch machine. By then I had worked up a good sweat.  After the crunch machine I went to floor and did push-ups, finishing with some leg lifts.

Friday I took a nice run, did the stairs, then finished on this special hill at the lake.  It was a good workout.  At home I worked out with my medicine ball, then went to the universal machine, working all my muscle groups.  I finished with push-ups.  I had a great training week!

My Lord, I thank you for helping all the sick and I thank you for giving me a second chance.



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