DEC. 27-2015


I am happy that I can sit and write my blog.  This was a tough year for me dealing with all the discomforts in my body.  I will never say why me.  I thank the Lord for being by my side and watching over me. Life is great!  I know we are on borrowed time. I’m thankful to God for giving me the ability to see, get out of bed each morning, run, workout, love life, and laugh.  What more can I ask for?  Hmm.

The struggles I go through just makes me tougher.  God is understanding. He knows the pain is there and he helps me to keep going.  I am so happy with myself. Yes, I limp like crazy and yes I fall occasionally but I pick myself up, dust myself off and continue on my journey.  Someday’s the pain is gruesome and I shed a few tears,but hey I’m only human.

I remember prior to my first hip surgery, I was out running one morning. No one was on the running course. My hip was hurting so bad I was ready to walk. As I approached the intersection I saw a broken down van. When I reached the corner this poor guy was trying to push his van and move it out of the way of traffic. No one would stop to help him.

Here I am, limping like crazy but I stopped and helped him push his van.  I had such a warm feeling inside myself knowing that I was able to help him out.  God was with me that day, because even though I was in pain, God gave me the strength I needed to help a fellow man in need. The person even commented after we moved his van, he noticed I could hardly stand and yet I was able to help him.  He was very thankful.

My week wasn’t so great.  I still walked my beautiful dog and worked out everyday. I was full of mixed emotions.  One day I’m sad, another day I’m happy. I’m not able to move around, makes me somewhat angry, but I am still fighting.  I will never give up.  I’m running, lifting weights, biking, smiling, drinking my coffee, loving myself. I remind myself of the one important thing in my life, Jesus loves me and allows me to stay strong on my journey. I need JESUS!!

I would like to express my love and compassion for all the sick people. I’ll never say I know how they feel or how sorry I am for them.  Because I don’t know how they feel!  I include the sick in my daily prayers and I always light a candle. I know God hears my prayers. Thank you God for bending down and listening.



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