I started the weekend off thanking GOD for helping me get through 2015. If you read my blog I talk about my Lord a lot. No matter how many times I wanted to quit, I knew my Lord was right there! I always ask God to help me get through the day.  I know I have to pray in the name of Jesus to get to GOD!

I have been angry, sad and even tough on myself. I pray everyday asking for help.  I love talking to GOD!  But, I’m no angel. I just want to tell God how much I love him! My life has been tough and I’ve had a lot of setbacks, big deal, we all go through some kind of pain. As I get closer to my surgery I ask God to please watch over me during the operation. I want to make sure I wake up 🙂  I promised I would give 100% into getting back into the shape I was in before all this happened.

This is why I ask Jesus to help me. Hip pain is so hard to deal with. The pain radiates in my groin then goes down into the inside of my leg, my knee or my lower back.  I am not sure where it’s going to go. That’s why I take one day at a time!


For the next two months this will be my program.  I started on Dec. 26 and it will end on March 1 2016 as surgery is March 2. One hour everyday pain or no pain, just do it. I’m excited about getting a new hip and losing the cane and the limp. OH YES!!

My goal is to start with the universal gym, than move onto the abs machine. From there work out on the crunch machine. Than do some reps on the second universal machine (I have two machines), than finish with bench pressing. Hey, no more pain just do it!!  I’m unable to run or use the treadmill. I am that crazy, I love to workout.

I can’t estimate my recovery time after my surgery. That’s why I have to work hard now! I have been watching my diet so my health should be good going into surgery. Feel free to say a prayer for me if you like. Thank you in advance!  I always seem to have problems when I have surgery.

I am sorry to say I went back on the pain medicine. That’s so I can walk my dog and walk for my health. I’ve been walking everyday. It hurts but the pain medicine helps diminish the sharp pain. I decided to start walking around the lake again and wow did I have a smile on my face. I ran into running and walking friends. Boy did I get a lot of hugs, it made me very happy. I had stayed away from the lake because I was embarrassed to be seen walking with a cane. I am so silly. Everyone was so happy to see me.  They said a lot of nice things and that they would see me on the course when I get healthy.



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