Greetings everyone!  I’m never sure how my body will feel from one day to the next.  I just take it one day at a time. Some days my pain medication works and other days the hip pain is so over whelming, even medication doesn’t help.  The weekend was tough.  I had a hard time during my walk.  It felt like my one hip bone socket was rubbing together.  Every step I took was painful.  I’m sure my hip was inflamed, but I managed to finish my walk.

Sunday.  I asked God to heal me so I wouldn’t have to go through the surgery.  My surgery date is getting closer. The very thought of surgeries and hospitals makes me nervous.  Gets me to thinking about my past surgeries. I experienced problems with past heart and hip surgeries.  l will continue to pray to my Lord. He knows what I’m going through and that I’m nervous.

Monday was a decent day so I took my dog Angel for a walk around the lake.  She really enjoys seeing the other dogs along the path.  She always cries when she sees another dog.  It’s her way of communicating with them.  After walking the dog I went to my gym for a workout. I had to lift my bad leg over the exercise bench with both hands. The pain from my hip drains me of my energy and so I get tired pretty quick. I used to go crazy on all my machines and now I struggle. That’s why I need my Lord!

Tuesday I felt pretty good.  I actually had a good night sleep. Angel and I took a nice walk around the lake.  Later I did my workout. My diet is going great. I used to enjoy a few beers before my hip problems started.  I’ve quit beer drinking permanently and I feel great. I’m happy about that and don’t even miss it.

Wednesday, wasn’t a good night for sleeping as it was on Tuesday.  I started the day limping, the pressure on my hip was so bad.  I think the hip was inflamed. But I walked and worked out. Jesus is always by my side.

Thursday, I was planning on staying home.  But my dog gave me those sad puppy dog eyes, and so off we went for our walk. At least my hips weren’t hurting, that made me happy 🙂  I am a whole different person when I’m pain free. I did my workout when I got home. Thank you God for all the help!

Friday. Our lake walk was shorter today. The wind was blowing pretty strong which made it feel colder than it really was. Poor Angel, she was trying to run as I limped behind her, trying to keep up with the little rascal. We were a sight to see. I went right to my gym after I got home knowing my hip was hurting and I probably wouldn’t last much longer.  I decided I wasn’t going to take any pain medicine. I was in a lot of pain Friday night.

Saturday, I was smart I stayed in the house and did some bench presses and worked out on the crunch machine.

Sunday, I went to church to thank Jesus for all his help!  I’m so thankful. Without my Lord I’m a lost sheep. My workout was good!  When I am finally pain free I will look back on all this and smile 🙂  Pain is no friend of mine.

Thank you God for hearing my prayers for the sick.  I pray for all the poor homeless and abused animals.  I love you God!



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