As I start my blog today I thank the Lord for allowing me to run and be healthy!  I had taken life for granted and fell on my face.  That might have been the best thing that happened to me. You might say a “wake up call”.   I didn’t think about my Lord when I was healthy. I never gave God the praise that was due to him.  Then when my health went bad I asked God what happened, why the heart attack, why the hip problems.  What did I do wrong.  Please help me God. I’m not strong enough to do this by myself.  I need you.  I’m so sorry for not staying in touch with you.

Thank you God from the bottom of my heart for hearing all my prayers for the sick.  Please place your loving hands on the sick and comfort them.  I have a deep compassion for the sick.  I pray to God everyday.  I will light a candle for the sick.  When I decide to discontinue my blog I will still continue praying for the sick and asking for your help.  My Lord I’ve haven’t heard from Emily.  I ask you to comfort my friend.  I am on my knees every time I pray for the sick.  BLESS All THE SICK.   EMILY, JOE WILL NEVER STOP PRAYING FOR YOU!!!!  I LOVE YOU AS A FRIEND.

Lately I’ve been asking myself where are you going, seriously.  I found myself protecting my new hip and in turn the pain moved over to the other hip as well.   I lose a lot of energy when my hips hurt, that’s not good.  But I’m still a happy person, with a positive attitude.  I love life and I love JESUS with all my heart.  My endurance has come a long way.  I take one day at a time.  I might have an awesome run one day and a painful run the next time.  If I could only put it together that would be awesome.  My Lord has allowed me to get up and kick butt.

Friday I ran into a novice runner while I was doing push-ups after my run.  She asked if I had a minute to talk.  Well of course I do.  She told me the reason she is out here was that she heard about me and said that if Joe can get out and run with his health, then why can’t I.   One of her friends knew me.  I laughed when she told me she would drive by and see me working out. She said she just wanted to stop and talk to me.  That was very thoughtful.  This is one of the reasons I can’t stop running or working out.  I just get an awesome feeling inside.  I enjoy giving advice on training when asked.  I can see the happiness in their face.  It’s pretty awesome!

Friday was tough.  The air was heavy and the hip pain was there.  But, I had a smile on my face.  I have to admit when my body is in pain it’s hard to get motivated to exercise.  And I love exercising.  I feel in my heart that one day it’s going to all come together. I’ll know I’m ready when a runner invites me to run all three lakes with them.  I’m resting now and icing my hips.  I will never say it was easy.  That’s why I need the Lord!!

Saturday, it was raining and the humidity was so thick.  Oh well.  So, I asked myself should I take the day off or run.  I decided to run and it felt good.  It’s awesome to see all the runners out there training for all the upcoming marathons.  I’m starting to put a little speed into my run, but it does wears me out fast.  I find the only way for me to get in running shape is to open it up sometimes.  I worked on the universal gym for ninety minutes. Pretty good workout!

Sunday I took off running, I thought I would give my hips a rest.  Instead I did a nice long workout in my gym.  I started on the crunch machine, then to the universal gym.  I did seven different routines on the universal gym.  Every muscle was sore, but it felt good.  I spent two hours working out, it was an awesome day.  My Lord was with me!!!

Monday, no run today. I hit the gym again.  When I’m feeling good it’s not hard to get on the machines.  I’ve been using light weights so I won’t pull any muscles.  I don’t need another set back as my journey has been going pretty good.  I’ve been working every muscle group.  My body knows that it has gone through an awesome work out.  Yes, I’m back on track!!

Tuesday, I’m back on the running course. It’s 6:00am and nice and cool out.  I started out slow in order to loosen my legs.  I caught up with some runners and ran with them for one mile, wow that felt good.  I’m a talker so I did all the talking, it made that mile go fast.  I finished the remainder of my run by myself, they where going for a 16 mile run and I was only running three miles.  When I finished my run I did my push-ups and some serious stretching.  That evening I went on the crunch machine and worked my abs until they were hurt and then I worked hard on the medicine ball.   My body said a enough.  I finished with some push-ups.  A good Tuesday!

Wednesday I didn’t feel good but I got up and did a run.  My pain was back but I was able to fight through it.  A runner ran with me for a mile, his company helped me to finish.  I felt that I had a pretty good run.  I have so many great friends that want to help me get back into my running.  I thank all of them for helping me out.  What great friends!  I was sick today but I still made it downstairs.  I felt sick but I went on my universal gym anyway and actually spent one hour on it.  Then I did thirty minutes on the crunch machine. For feeling sick I did a great job!

Thursday, its early morning and cooler out and still dark.  I just have to be careful that I don’t step in a hole.  My hip would not like that.  I’m so happy that I’m on the right track.  I still get a lot of pain and I think about quitting, but it’s not going to happen.   I felt weird today.  A runner came up to me and said Joe you have that same smile as when you were running marathons.  My first thoughts were thank you Lord for sticking by my side.  No way could I be running without him.  I feel so awesome.  I’m not running fast mind you, it’s only baby steps right now as I’ve gone through so much pain.  I had to learn to run all over again with my new hip.  My run was good.  I have some pain when I stop and start back up again.  When I finished went to my knees and thanked the Lord.  Afterwards, I did my push ups.  It felt good.  Another runner stopped by and thanked me for inspiring her. Their kind words make me feel extremely happy. At home I went on the universal gym, did thirty minutes on the exercise bike and finished on the crunch machine!!  What a great week.  Thank you Lord, all praise and glory are yours.



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FRIDAY I had my best run.  I was able to lift my legs during my run, where as before I was dragging my leg due to all the pain.  WOW, what a great feeling to be back running again.  Yes,I’m back.  Runners were coming up to me and saying welcome back.  My heart was pounding with happiness.  I’m so happy I stayed with GOD. I stayed praying and didn’t quit. GOD is awesome.  I suffered with pain, but now I feel pretty good.  Hey no angina WOW!!!

If my friends think I’m awesome I’m sorry to tell them I’m just a regular person.  I set out to show myself that with all the pain I was going through this was going to be a tough battle.  I was knocked down and squinting with hip pain.  My mind kept saying stop, take it easy, lay around, don’t exert yourself.  If I did that I’d get out of shape and I wasn’t about to let that happen.   I must sound a little weird, trying to explain my pain and why I continue to hurt myself.  I like to think that my blog might have helped by pulling one person off the couch or another from continuing to run to the doctor’s office where they just give you pain pills.  I am a real person that has gone through tremendous pain.   Do I love God, yes.  I would like to say one important thing to the people who are sick and can’t get up and fight.  My heart goes out to them everyday to just get up, they are my hero, my inspiration!!  I would have no problem going out of my way to help the sick or the elderly. What I mean by that is even with all my pain I would cut their grass or shovel their walk that’s how much love I have for the sick and the elderly, I love all of them!!!

Saturday,  I was pretty happy to get my butt on the course.  I started with pain but was able to run through it. It was awesome to see all the runners training for a marathon.  I’m not jealous, I’m happy for them.  Well, I did it again.  I lifted my leg during my run and opened it up a little.  After my run I did my push-ups.  Later tonight I will do ninety minutes on the exercise bike.  Yes, I finished on the crunch machine.  A great Saturday!!!
Sunday I had pain so I decided to hold off running today, it was for the best.  Instead I rode the exercise bike for ninety minutes then worked out on the universal gym.  I did a lot of talking to the Lord, telling him I was sorry for thinking about quitting.  The pain and the stress were getting to me.  Was my Lord challenging me.  If  I stop believing in him why should he help me.  That’s what happens when things don’t work out.  I stopped trusting in the Lord shame on me.  He’s still in my corner and I’m on my knees thanking him for staying with me.
Monday the humidity was down and I was able to breathe better.  I started out with a little pain but felt better as I got deeper into my run.  I had to stop and wait for a street light.  When I started up again my hip went crazy on me, the pain was so bad it felt like bone on bone.  I started limping and caught myself saying Ouch, Ouch! After I finished I was on my knees thanking the Lord that I was able to complete my run.  I don’t feel I’m out of the woods just yet.  I still have bad days.  Later that night I went on the crunch machine, the universal gym and finished with my push ups.
Tuesday the weather was awesome. I started my run nice and easy, but then I did a no-no.  I tried to open it up. WOW, that woke up the pain in my hip.  I think I love pain.  My friends were saying, Joe slow down we want to see more of you, be careful. After my run I did my push-ups at the lake.  At home,  I went on the universal gym mostly using the leg lifts.  It was an awesome day, but a day with pain.  My friend surprised me today with a bottle of champagne and two beautiful champagne glasses.  I was shocked, that was so thoughtful.
Wednesday I started my run limping.  I think running a little hard yesterday might have been the problem. It seemed to get better as I got more into my run.  I was waiting for the street light to change when all of a sudden my hip went into some awesome pain.  A runner friend was approaching me from behind and said Joe what happened to you. You looked like you were going down.  I had grabbed a pole to hold me up.  That was pretty nasty.  My friend finished running with me.  I think he was scared for me.  When I finished my run I got down on one knee and prayed to the Lord, thanking him for helping me complete my run.  Later, I did my push-ups then finished on the crunch machine.
Thursday I was pretty sore the pain had returned. Maybe I was getting a little cocky.  I was in pain all night.  I decided to run, no time to feel sorry for myself.   My goal is to run a marathon in late 2015. Will it happen, we’ll see.  With the help of the Lord, may he keep me on track.  I had to hold onto a pole at a corner due to the pain in my hip, but I’m still doing it and I’m so happy to be running.  I have so many friends that I run into and friends beeping their car horn and waving to me. It’s such a great feeling.  I give all the credit to the Lord, for helping me get out there.  Just to let all my readers know when Joe gets healthy my blog will end and you will not hear from me again.  If I get healthy and fall on my face again I will not write another blog.  I will miss all of you and I will never forget you.  All of you are awesome friends GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!!!
I get down on my knees, and from the bottom of my heart I pray to the Lord to heal all the sick.  I will always pray for the sick, even those I don’t know, my heart goes out to all,  hoping they start feeling healthy.  I believe in you my Lord.  Thank you for taking the time to hear me.  I can be at the back of the line for being healed.
My Lord a special prayer for Emily that you comfort her she is so sick
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I’m down and I hurt but my love for GOD is strong.  To my loyal readers, what can I say.  I hurt and I’m sad over all this pain.  I fell as I was running the other day.  My friends ask, when are you getting your hip replaced, you look bad.  I just shake my head, I prefer not to respond.

During my run last Saturday a person on the course stopped me and said, “Joe, Lisa said you were getting your hip replaced.  What happened”.  I replied, I had my hip replaced, but it didn’t work for me, okay”.   He felt bad and hung his head and said “I’m so sorry”. I replied, “sorry for what, I’m going to win this fight”.   I have the desire to get strong and I won’t look back.  I’m not looking for pity, no sir.   I’m on a mission, totally focused on my running.  It’s so beautiful in the early morning hours.

I took Sunday off from running and went on the exercise bike for two hours.  Bike riding helps my stress level.  Once I get stronger, I plan on adding stairs to my run.  There’s a big hill on my run that has lots of stairs.  I’d also run some hills, help get the endurance strong.  But it all takes time, I’ll let you know when that happens!  In the meantime I’ll continue on my journey.  Right now runners pass me on the course.  boy, it eats at me but I just keep on going.  As one of the runners passed me they said, you’ll be back Joe just hang in their, okay, I know you’re hurting.  Wow, that made me fill great.  I didn’t feel sorry for myself.  It just pumped me up to get back out the next day.

My goal is to run a marathon 2015!!!  What do you think about that for having a positive attitude.   I said a prayer to the Lord asking him to help me get healthy and back into prime shape so I can run a marathon. My Lord gets all the glory, no matter if I run again or not.

I must learn to relax and let my anger go, easier said than done.  My friends at the lake where I run are awesome, they are great source in my healing.  I think it’s cool when a first time marathon runner comes up to me while I’m doing my push-ups and asks, “are you Joe”.  A friend of mine told me to talk to you about running and training for a marathon. They ask me things like what’s the best way to relax on a long run or what programs should I include in my training.  They use my suggestions and the next time they see me they thank me, that’s a nice feeling.

The thing that hit’s my heart the most is when a lady comes up to me, hugs me as a friend, and tells me that if it wasn’t for me, they would have never gotten in good shape and be able to run a marathon or a half marathon.  Boy, it’s awesome to hear those comments and to see what a great job they did!!

My awesome friend Conrad turned 89 years young.   A great runner and a great friend. YES, I gave him a cake and a sweater that said NOKOMIS on it!  It was a great day for me to see my friend laughing, I even noticed a happy tear running down his face.  I would do anything for my friend!!!!

I want to say a special prayer for my friend Emily who is very sick. My heart goes out to you!  Love Joe

Too all the sick I pray to the Lord that he puts his healing hands on you!  I will never forget to pray for you.  I’m in your corner! I drop to one knee and ask you Lord hear my prayers.

I was pretty mad at myself when I was running.  I think a lot on my runs I must pray to JESUS and ask him to heal me.  We must go through Jesus to get to God.  JESUS died on the cross for me and I forget to ask him to heal me and protect me. I always thank Jesus for being in my life……

I ran on Friday.  I was in pain but finished my run with a smile.  I went on the exercise bike and finished on the crunch machine.

Saturday I ran.   Unfortunately, I fell from the pain.  I was ready to burn all my running shoes.  WOW, that would have been expensive to replace.  I worked on the universal gym and finished with push-ups

Sunday I rode two hours on the exercise bike.  It felt good to let my running shoes sit.   I was very happy with my workout. Thank you LORD

Monday I ran like I never ran a day in my life.  I felt pain in every step.  Ouch,ouch!!  Some runners I knew were approaching me, so I stopped running and acted like I was stretching until they passed me.  It’s sad to think that I felt embarrassed from my pain.  I finally finished my run, not very happy about it, but did my push-ups and went home.

Tuesday I think I ran a little better. At least my heart was in it. I thank the Lord for all his help. Yes, I struggled with the pain but I DID PRETTY GOOD.  I was happy with myself.  I went on the crunch machine than the hip machine.  I had a good workout.

Wednesday I ran pretty good.  I was smiling and praying the whole run.  I did my push-ups. Before leaving the lake I had a little party for my best friend’s birthday (89). He is awesome. What a great friend.  God has taken good care of Conrad.  I worked on the universal gym, then the crunch machine, then the medicine ball. I had a very good day.

I took my run off and went two hours on the exercise bike.  Then I went on the crunch machine and did my push-ups.  I did some stair climbing, not too bad on my hip, I felt okay.  I have a long ways go before I’m in prime shape









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What can I say.  I had promised so many runners I would be running along side them soon. Friday, Saturday and Sunday I spent over two hours each day on the exercise bike, prepping my legs.  I was pretty happy with my progress.  Monday was my big running debut.  I was pretty darn excited.  Those first few yards felt great.  But then the limp and the pain started in and I mean pain. Darn it!  I wanted to run so bad.  If it wasn’t for my being a runner I would be dead.  My running told me I had heart problems, that I should be careful.  I was in great shape so that was my wake up call.  If I didn’t exercise and try to keep my body in shape then I could say I was just being lazy.  I’m mad right now.  I’m trying so hard but I’m falling on my face.

It’s only Monday and both hips are burning.  I can’t walk without saying ouch.  I’m having problems walking this evening.  I think I love pain but I’m not giving up.  I’ll have my butt on the course tomorrow, rain or shine, with Gods help.  But, wait it gets better, read on.

YES, Tuesday I was pretty sore but I was out running.  I ran into so many friends.  I was so happy.  I received so many HUGS, I was afraid I wouldn’t finish my run.  I just want to be happy.  I went through so much pain, when I feel good you just might get a happy tweet.  I was getting dizzy a lot so I had to get back on my high blood pressure medicine.  It started to work fast.  I was looking forward to getting out and running for the third day. WOW, I’m getting more excited each day.  God has helped me.  I’ll never stop praying to my LORD.

Wednesday’s run was pretty good.  I’m still sore but that should go away in due time.  I have to remember that my speed and wind will take some time.  I must be patient, which is hard for me.  The best part of my day was meeting up with my good friend Conrad.  He was a marathon runner back in his day and a darn good one.  My friend will be 89 next Tuesday, WOW.  He was running around the lake up until this year. That’s awesome.  He’s such an inspiration.   He had to stop running as he was falling down. I was worried he was going to hurt himself.  I always have a party for him at Lake Nokomis.  I give my special friend a cake and two presents, and a special HUG.  I know men don’t normally hug men but he is special!!  I will be so sad if something happens to my friend.  I’m sure you can read between the lines.  God protects and watches over him.

Thursday was day four and I’m back on the track.  I just keep telling myself it’s going to take  some time along with the Lord’s help.  It’s only been four days and friends are asking me when am I going to start training for a marathon.  Ha ha.  I’m just happy to be running right now. I still hurt my friends. My new hip is not being nice.

As I’m sitting here writing my blog, all of a sudden a thought pops in my mind out of the blue.  Some of you might know where I’m coming from.  I was thinking it was just a week ago that I was knocked down and very sad.  I thought my running days were all over. God please hear my prayers and comfort the sick.  I love every one of them. I will always keep the sick in my prayers.  I will continue to pray for my friend Emily who is very sick.  Please Lord, help her, she so young to be so sick.  AMEN

SUNDAY I went on the crunch machine and than two hours on the exercise bike.  Good workout

MONDAY I went on the universal gym and then the exercise bike for two hours.  Good work out, so happy!!

TUESDAY I started with the medicine ball, then did some push-ups and finished on the exercise bike.  Another great workout, YES!!

WEDNESDAY, universal gym,  crunch machine and then I said some prayers to the LORD thanking him for the strength he has delivered to my body.

THURSDAY, I started on the universal gym then the crunch machine, did some push-ups and ended with the exercise bike.   Thank you God for everything you do for me.  I don’t deserve your help, the sick deserve it more.   What a week!!


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This was a tough week for me.  I fell from cloud nine back to earth.  I’m not quite healthy yet, it’s back to reality for me.  My angina pain was rough. I struggled to increase my exercise. Yes, I was disappointed in my efforts.  I lacked the hunger that an athlete enjoys. I didn’t have it this week. Why, I’m not sure.  It’s not that I’m lazy.  I get scared that the wicked pain will return. My angina has hurt my progress. It knocks the living tar out of me. I must keep a positive attitude so I can win this battle.  I’m praying my arteries are not blocked as that would put a hold on my progress.

I think the stress I put on myself makes it hard to keep on the right track. I push myself hard. When I feel that I’m not trying hard enough I call myself a quitter.  But when I’m on all cylinders, boy, I can get it on and it’s awesome!  On the other hand, when my angina is bad, I’m down.

I always ask myself, when are you going to get it together, start enjoying life and do all the the activities you once enjoyed. I thank the Lord for letting me wake up each day.  I can get up and walk around and I feel okay.  I should just shut up.

My hip gave out on me when I upped the speed on my exercise bike, that was a little scary. After I finished on the bike it just went weird on me.  The pain was there and the strength was not. I had to hold onto the bike until I got my feet back under me.  I considered that my wake up call that I’m not healthy yet.

My angina will not go away, it’s like I started a relationship with my angina. It’s a little hard to deal with as it takes all my energy. I need all the energy I can muster up to get through all my programs. I’m thinking with all the stress I go through, I must have woke up my angina.  I always ask the Lord to protect me during my workout.

My Lord I ask you from my heart to heal the sick and allow them to smile and be happy. I know we must keep on praying everyday as it take a lot of earnest prayers. My Lord I ask you to comfort Emily who is very sick my heart goes out to her. I know my Lord that you here my prayers for Emily. Please help her Lord I love you with all my heart!!

FRIDAY I went on the exercise bike and crunch machine that was plenty, I was exhausted

SATURDAY I went on the exercise bike than the universal gym, I was very tired

SUNDAY I only rode the exercise bike. I felt I needed to be careful. I was a little nervous over my pain

MONDAY I went on the crunch machine, I felt okay.  Then I went on the exercise bike, boy did I get tired. I felt like I never worked out, wow!!

TUESDAY I started off on the crunch machine, did some push-ups, worked with the medicine ball, got very tired, then finished on the exercise bike.  That was one heck of a bike ride, my hip gave out on me when I stood up, that was scary.

WEDNESDAY I had to wait awhile to do my exercises. My angina was bad so I decided to take my training off.  I felt like I was quiting on myself.  I did manage to ride my bike for ninety minuties.  Thank you Lord for helping through my workout.

THURSDAY I started on the universal gym, did some push-ups, went on the crunch machine, then finished on my exercise bike.  What a week. Exercising was tough this week. If you notice I didn’t bring up running, even though it was in my plan.  I was scared I would wake up my hip (it was feeling half way decent) and I was a little nervous with my angina.

Thank You Lord  For Healing Me

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Today I am going to start my blog with thanking the Lord.  Thank you Lord!  Forgive me for waiting until I was sick to ask for help.  When I was in good health,I never took the time to talk to God or thank him for his blessings on my life.  But different story when I got sick.

I was struggling with a lot of pain. I was angry with myself.  I think I hurt myself more by trying to work through all the pain.  Good news, I’m on cloud nine, I have no pain and my anger is gone. Hallelujah!!  Okay it’s better.  My love for working out is at a high.  I will not take anything for granted as my pain could return tomorrow.  I’ve been riding my exercise bike for ninety minutes each day.  Those ninety minutes gives me plenty of time to think about things, and I do mean think.  I try to figure out why I had to struggle with all the pain. It took me a long time to regroup from my heart attack.  Then my hip surgery didn’t go very well and I struggled with bad pain.

When I was in the hospital I began making plans for training, thinking of the best exercises I could do to build strength in my new hip.  Thing didn’t go well.  I struggled big time. A little bell went off in my head.  I forgot to put God in my program.  My Lord is my medicine and my strength.  Now I start each day thanking my Lord.

My plan is to start running soon.  Right now, I’m building myself up by riding my exercise bike ninety minutes each day, followed by my exercise routine.  With the help of the Lord, I should be on my journey and back running.  I look forward to getting out there, enjoying the fresh air in the early morning hours and yes running with all my friends.  That would be awesome for me.  Please note that running is not everything in my life but it sure clears my head . My real goal is to be healthy, that’s the bottom line.

Thank you to all my readers and my new readers.  Your inspiring words keep me on track. What an awesome reward!!   As you read further into my blog you will see that my angina has come back.  I’m a little sad but I will not let it get me down.  That’s why I get so tired. I’m still smiling and I hope to be running real slow this weekend.  Angina will knock a person down and boy do I have to fight that off.  I need the Lord’s help so I don’t fall on my face.  Friends don’t feel sorry for me, I’m not looking for pity, just sharing my thoughts.

Heavenly Father, I pray you will lay your healing hands upon all those who are sick. I pray for compassion to those who are suffering so they may be delivered from their painful circumstances. I can wait for you to heal me. I love you God!!

FRIDAY. I rode ninety minutes on the exercise bike and then I cut the grass.  I didn’t want to push it. I was trying to make sure I would have a nice friday.  My angina started in.

SATURDAY. I did a light workout on the crunch machine, then push-ups, then rode my exercise bike for ninety minutes. I had a good workout and built up a good sweat. I’m getting so excited on my journey. Took a nitro before I started my exercises.

SUNDAY.  What can I say, I think I’m breaking up with my loving pain 🙂   I went on the universal gym, did a light workout on the crunch machine, then my beloved push-ups.  I rode ninety minutes on my exercise bike.  I was tired after my workout, the bike was tough.  My angina started up.  Ninety minutes felt like a long time. Yes, I said some prayers.

MONDAY.  I was in an awesome mood, I had no pain.  A person smiles a lot and the desire to workout hits a high.  I’m not super man and I thank God for the ability to stay in shape.  I rode ninety minutes on the exercise bike then to the universal gym then to the medicine ball. I call this a very good workout.

TUESDAY. I cut the grass and worked in my yard.  Afterwards, I rode my exercise bike, man was I tried I felt like I ran a marathon.  I worked on the crunch machine then said a prayer to the Lord thanking him for getting me through my program.  My angina came back that’s why I’m starting to get so tired .

WEDNESDAY.  I felt tired my angina has come back.   I’m a little scared it takes a lot out of me. I asked the Lord to protect me through all the angina. I did my exercise bike for ninety minutes, it was tough.  I was so tired that was it for the day.

THURSDAY.  I decide to take a nitro before my workout.  I went on the universal gym than the crunch machine. After that I rode the exercise bike for ninety minutes.  I decided no other exercises today.  Thank you Lord for getting me through another day.


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I’d like to start off by saying this has been an awesome two weeks with just minor pain. I’m so happy to get around without saying “ouch” every time.  I’m not saying the pain won’t come back but right now I’m enjoying every pain-free moment!  Thank you God, without you I’m nothing. You are the source of my strength and the reason I get through each day.

To my friends, thank you for all the kind words, it helps me get through the tough times. Next week can be a whole different game so for now I’m running with this.  My friends, I know for a fact that pain will knock you down, step all over you and not go away.  It’s my job to pick myself up, dust myself off and continue the fight.  When I have good days I’m so happy and my training is good.  I love feeling good!!!

Too all the sick I say a prayer for you everyday that the Lord heals you.  I love GOD and he helps us. Sometimes it may seem like awhile, but he will help us.  

My workouts are going good and I’ve even been doing them with a smile.  I’m been able to do longer workouts, with light pain.  My goal is to try running this weekend, will the pain come back, who knows.  I have to stay on my journey, I won’t give up.  It’s so great to feel good and know that the Lord is helping me, he gets all the credit.

To all the people who have problems like me, don’t give up, keep going.  You will have good days and bad days. Hang in there, you can do it!! Just say, if Nokomis Joe can do it so can I. I’m sure some of you are saying you don’t know my pain so how can you know how I feel. I’ve been there and I’m still there and I may be there for a while, but I will not quit and I hope you don’t. This is coming from a person who has suffered a lot.  Boy, have I been in pain.

If you ever want to talk I welcome your views and you can inspire me.  I can still laugh through the pain.  I will not quit my journey and having great friends and new friends has put a lot of energy in me.  Some of my friends may think I’m weird, but that’s okay.  If I send a nice comment your way that’s because I like to see a person smile. They say laughing is great for your health.

To the friends that I said I would love to workout and run with, hey I’m on track and it would be awesome to have you push me so that awesome running high would return. Wow! I told my friend Lisa, who is in awesome shape that we can have some good workouts and that includes running.

FRIDAY & SATURDAY where rest days. Yes my friends, I enjoyed a couple of cold beers knowing that I’m on the right track to good health and I can sweat it off.  It was an awesome weekend, YES!!

SUNDAY was back to the gym. I felt great, the pain wasn’t to bad, I even had a smile.  I started doing push-ups, than the crunch machine and  after that I rode the exercise bike. What a great feeling, pain free. I then went to the universal gym and had a nice workout.

MONDAY, hey no pain. I started on the stairs to test the hips than the crunch machine.  I decided to exercise with free weights. Wow, it felt good.  I worked my thighs in order to strengthen the hips, hoping it will help my running.  Next I went out to the garage and rode my exercise bike for an hour, the hip pain was light.  This was an awesome day!

TUESDAY I did speed training with light weights working all my muscle groups. Boy, did I get tired and all my muscle felt tired.  I rode an hour on the exercise bike, what a workout. The pain wasn’t to bad. Thank you Lord!

WEDNESDAY I felt good.  I went on the crunch machine, did my push-ups, then went to the garage and rode the exercise bike.  What a nice workout.  Bottom line when my pain level is down I’m a happy camper.

THURSDAY I started on the elliptical, did my push ups and then the universal gym. Finished my routine with an hour on the exercise bike. This was an awesome week and the pain was pretty good. I feel very blessed, I get so much help from the Lord. 162038_20131123_152436_images

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Wow!!!  What a great feeling when you feel good and you want to workout. It’s awesome!! Friends, I had a good weekend, no training just relaxing.  I put my head on straight just like I said I would.  And, I put together a new program and will start on Monday.  Last week was so bad I wanted to quit, as you well know.  I realized, even though I’ve said it before, that my pain is nothing compared to people with cancer and other bad health issues.

Thank you to all my readers who think I’m inspiring.  It’s a good confidence builder.  The real heroes are the sick people who fight their illness each day, not knowing if they’ll get out of bed that day.  They are the real inspiration.  I offer up my prayers to the Lord for all the sick.  I’m very blessed.  I know that with my determination, I will be running and enjoying life-like I never had pain, but it will take some time.  It’s a new week and I’m going to kick butt.  I’m so blessed that I have the Lord to get me through my bad days.  Thank you to all my friends for your encouraging words that keep me going, it’s impossible to quit.  Special thanks to Anna for all your prayers.  My journey has been a tough one, but when I do win this battle you won’t hear me say it was easy.  Yes, I still have pain, no denying that, but I’ll just continue to work through it.  My heart is back in it, it’s been an awesome week and that’s the bottom line.  My angina has settled down so that’s another plus for me.

 I know I have a lot of friends following me and that’s awesome.  I would like to say something important. My pain and bad angina have taken a toll on me. When we are healthy and able to do what ever we want without pain, we take it for granted.  But when you have major health problems, wow, that is one tough adjustment to go through.  Your pain is the boss now.  It takes over.  When it hurts you feel lost and you start questioning, why all the pain.  The worst for me is when I can’t get out on the course with all my running friends due to injuries.  I miss that part so much.  I ran almost everyday for many years.  I’m sure you runners can identify with that.

Monday I only went on the universal gym.  I worked all the body parts.  Ninty minutes and I felt awesome. I iced my hips and thanked the Lord that I was able to finish.

Tuesday, my body was sore from the previous day.  But I was in a great mood, you know what they say, no pain, no gain.  I went on the crunch machine for thirty minutes, then the exercise bike for thirty minutes. I did some stair climbing exercises, good for the hips.  I was pretty sore after that, but back on the right track.

Wednesday, I went for a walk using my walking sticks, it felt good.  I feel like I’m cheating when I use them.  I did a lot of push-ups, tossed the medicine ball a few times and then went back to push-ups. That was a good workout.

Thursday, was all out war, I was ready to conquer, charge!  I went on the bike, next the crunch machine, onto the floor for some push-ups, then to the universal gym.  After that I went on the treadmill, but not without saying a prayer first.  You can only image how sweaty I was when I finished.

Wow, it has been an awesome week of training.


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My journey has taken a bad turn. I’m fighting angina and my hip pain. My desire to workout has hit a low. I’m not sure what to do, it’s not like I can turn the pain off or on. My next step is to sit down and figure out a new plan.  Friends, this is so hard. I was so positive that I could walk through this pain.

I’m back to square one.  What a joke, all that training and I still hurt and now I have bad angina.  All my smiling is not helping ha ha.  I still pray to the Lord for his help.  I keep asking myself everyday, why did I get that hip replacement.  I was able to work around the pain, but now it’s a different story I can’t adjust to the pain.  When I carry something I get a nasty pain in that hip, when I get up from sitting I get a nasty pain, when I try to run I get a nasty pain.  This is so sad especially when the surgeon says you will be back to normal, ha ha.  Just tell me the truth that if you have this surgery you might not be back to running, working out and just being able to walk right.  I better say a prayer, my anger from my pain is bad.  My friends say, see a surgeon Joe.  But, I’m not a doctor person, okay. I’ve told friends it won’t be long before I’m at my prime, but it’s been a disaster for me.  I feel I let myself down. Now that I got that off my chest it’s time to wake up, start again, quite the whining and move on.  I will not take pain pills that would be a cop-out. My Lord is watching over me.  I would like to say a prayer for all the sick that they get well.  A special thank you to all my followers for your kind thoughts and words, they mean so much to me.  It keeps me going.

When I get my head back on straight, I will be fine.  I tell myself it could be worse.  I went to a ballgame July 3rd.  As I was limping back to our car, after the game, I happen to run into a person that was limping pretty bad.  I jokingly asked him if he wanted to race to the corner. We both started to laugh, two limping men,what a sight to see.  I have to try to stay in a fun mood.  By the way that person was getting his hip done the following week.

Friday was a light workout and a lot of stretching. My body was not right.

Saturday the universal gym and crunch machine. Not a great workout as far as I’m concerned.

Sunday started on push ups went to the crunch machine felt like a quitter wanted to stop because of all my pain.

Monday so much pain in my body. I had to fight to workout. Are you serious why am I suffering so much. I’m so frustrated, I just want to scream.  I wish all this pain would go away. Please Lord give me strength to get back on track, I feel that I want to give up.

Tuesday my sleeping has been bad and that does not help in my fight to be fit and healthy. I worked on the crunch machine, universal gym, worked with the medicine ball, then the exercise bike. I finished but I wanted to quit.

Wednesday I hurt so bad it makes me angry and I know the Lord does not want me to be angry. I went on the universal gym, then did some push-ups.   I did a lot of meditating.  I’m messed up. The pain in my body has reached a point. I did say a prayer so I could get through this program.

Thursday my love for life is great.  I feel I’m the luckiest person. I was meant to fight this battle and be tested. Am I fighting pain yes. Do I feel like quitting yes.  I will keep fighting this battle and if it take more time to win then let it be. YES YES.  I went on the treadmill and universal gym, pretty sore but that’s okay.  I love my Lord.



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I would like to thank all my friends who read my blog and pass it on to others.  My week was a struggle.  I had some problems with angina, which is related to my heart.  It was hard to exercise, I was getting tired fast.  To top it off, my hip was hurting.  Wow, what next.  My love for exercise was at a low.  I don’t understand why I must continue to fight this battle, but I will not quit.  I just have to get over the hump with my health.  The Lord knows I’m working hard.  God gifted me with a smile and a love for exercising so I can’t let him down even when my pain gets in the way.  I think about all the sick that can’t get around or smile, so why am I complaining.  I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and so I will stay on my program.  When I sit back and look at my progress I should be happy. The support I get from my readers is awesome. You know that mountain I’m always running around, well, when I get to the top I’m in trouble, I forgot to mention I’m scared of heights.  I’m praying that I won’t have to see the doctors.

Friday was light.  I went on the treadmill and finished on the crunch machine. You might wonder how I can walk on the treadmill.  I use my arms on the side rails to take the pressure off my hips.  When I go to a store I head for the shopping carts.   I use the cart to take the pressure off, that also works well.

Saturday I went on the universal gym.  I spent a long time on the gym as I had to get my mind back on track.  I was a little disappointed with my workout and my attitude.  I spent some time working my hips then went on the exercise bike and finished with some push-ups.

Sunday was tough, my angina was bad.  I was fighting hip pain, heart discomfort and I was mad, what a combination.  I went on the bike, then the crunch machine.  I was so tired, I felt like I ran ten miles.  I decided to end my workout.  I said some much-needed prayers.

Monday I finally woke up and decided to stop feeling sorry for myself.  No matter what pain or angina I was going to have a good workout!  I did a quick bike ride, went on the crunch machine, limped over to the universal gym, back to the push-ups, back to the bike, then grabbed some ice packs.

Tuesday I was very very sore.  I was in for an awesome challenge.  This body was in for a good fight with my health.  The pain won but I’m back and I will not stop.  Call me crazy but I need to keep on trucking. I went on the universal gym, then the crunch machine.  I finished on the treadmill with that darn limp. Very sore when done.  I did say prayers to the Lord.

Wednesday was crazy.  My body felt like I never worked out.  I was hurting so bad.  The first thing I did was pray and ask the Lord to get me through this.  I think my angina has a lot to do with my energy.  I started on the universal gym spending some extra time on it. My body was so tired.  I went to the bike but my leg felt weak so I decided to end my program early today.

Thursday my goal is to complete my program.  I started on the bike, went to the crunch machine, then did some push-ups.  I was so tired.  I was little nervous about the treadmill.  I started out slow then upped the speed to see if my body could tolerate the pain.  I finished but I felt like I didn’t give it my best, shame on me.   Thank you Lord for all the strength you deliver so that I can stay on my journey.

To all my friends and readers, have a safe and happy fourth of July!

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